Service memo's

General information

  1. Refrigerator Maintenance and energy saving tips
  2. Run time versus efficiency
  3. Ice cream storage
  4. Frame condensation
  5. Optimizing system capacity to the load
  6. Refrigerant piping diagram
  7. Changing the panel in the door
  8. Recommended thermostat settings
  9. Frost build up on the cooling plates
  10. Unit Amp draw
  11. Cleaning stainless steel panels and door trims
  12. Removing Crisper shelf on R38 and R45 refrigerators
  13. Shelf movement restraints.
  14. Door gasket replacement
  15. Bulge in door liner shelf repair
  16. Cracked cabinet liner repair
  17. Replacing the 101N2100 Control Module



  1. Ventilation requirements
  2. Fan kit installation
  3. Fan specification. On spec sheet our standard model used is FD1225b12w2-61
  4. Additional velntilation in very warm temperatures


  1. Wire sizing
  2. Breaker size
  3. Minimum Battery voltage
  4. Wire sizing with power supply (Nova Kool PS), work sheet
  5. Wire sizing with DC only power, Work sheet
  6. EMI Information Danfoss pdf 8 pages
  7. DC wiring diagram with 3 wire thermostat 2011 introduction
  8. AC DC wiring diagram with 3 wire thermostat 2011 introduction
  9. Installing a speed resistor on control module 2015

Installation of Options

  1. Light Assembly
  2. Light Assembly template

Service updates

  1. Light bulb size change 2001
  2. Light bulb change to led 2014