Below are the most frequently asked product support questions. Please see our online manual for detailed information:

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Q: Which Way do I Turn the thermostat?
A: The coldest position on the thermostat is reached by turning the knob to the right (clockwise); conversely turning the thermostat knob to the left (counterclockwise) yields a warmer setting. The OFF (0) position is reached by turning hard counterclockwise past the click.

Q: What do I do to start up my new unit?
A: The unit is ready to run as shipped. After following the electrical installation information found in the manual (130K pdf), turn the power on and set the thermostat between 3 and 4. You can make further adjustments to suit your personal requirements after the box has cooled down.

Q: How often do I Need to Defrost my unit?
A: The frequency of defrost is dependant on the number of door openings, the ambient temperature and the humidity level. Typically, it is a good practice to defrost once there is ¼” of frost buildup on either side of the evaporator (cold plate).

Q: How Much Ventilation do I need?
A: Ventilation should be one of your first major installation considerations. All refrigerators, regardless of make, are heat transfer machines which transfer heat from the inside of the box by way of the evaporator , compressor and refrigerant to the condenser on the outside of the box to be dissipated to the air. The cavity where the condenser is located MUST be adequately ventilated. Single door units require 30 INLET and 30 sq .in. OUTLET. Double door units require 60 sq .in. INLET and 60 sq .in. OUTLET (With the exception of the RFU9000 and the RFU8220 which is designed with, all of the required ventilation built into the front of the unit, and does not require additional ventilation.)

Q: What Wire fuse and breaker size do I need?
A: DC breaker & fuse sizing

20 amp breaker (main switch) for both 12 & 24VDC applications
15 Amp fuse for 12VDC
7.5 Amp fuse for 24VDC

AC (optional) breaker and fuse sizing (100-240VAC 50/60 Hz)

6 Amp breaker (main switch)
4 Amp fuse (included with unit)

Q: Is the Compressor Speed Adjustable?
A: All Nova Kool units are supplied with the silent and efficient BD series variable speed compressors from Danfoss. Nova Kool has supplied your unit preset at the optimum speed for most “normal” applications. The speed is controlled by a resistor (#8) in the thermostat circuit. 0 ohms (no resistor) runs the compressor on its slowest speed, a 1523 ohm resistor will provide you with the fastest speed. The slower the speed, the lower the amp draw, and the lower the capacity.

Q: What Voltage will this unit work on?
A: The DC models are 12 & 24 VDC (the only consideration is the models supplied with an interior light, either 12VDC OR 24 VDC). The AC/DC models work on both 12 & 24 VDC as well as from 100-240 VAC 50/60hz. (The interior light on the AC/DC models is always 12vdc regardless of the DC supply voltage). Both modules “auto” sense the supply voltages so no wiring adjustments are necessary other than following the guidelines for DC fuse sizing;

Q: Can I change the direction of door swing?
A: Most models are shipped standard with the door hung on the right. The door swing can easily be reversed by simply removing the hinge pins and latches and installing them on the opposite side. All of the required hardware is supplied. Units can be factory ordered with the correct door swing (standard is right hinge: i.e. door swings from left to right).

Q: Can I change the door panel?
A: The decorative door panels can easily be changed to match your interior by first removing the upper hinge pin, then pulling the door out and up. The door should pull off the lower hinge pin easily. Once removed, turn the door upside down and remove the two Phillips head screws. Then, roll the bottom extrusion towards the door gasket, careful so as not to dislodge the door gasket. You will see a ¼” channel where you can slide in your panel material.

Q: How do I trouble shoot my unit?
A: Please see the step by step Trouble Shooting guide in our online manual.

Q: Can I see a wiring diagram?
A: Please see the wiring diagram in our online manual.

Q: What is my warranty?
A: Your warranty is two years from date of start-up (delivery of vehicle/vessel/refrigerator) to final user - first year parts and labor, second year parts.

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