R5810, R5812, F5810

Cut out from the back and front

The Cut Out Dimensions are as follows, and are measured from the back of the frame to the back of the fridge.

Height Width Depth
32 23 1/4in 23 1/4 to 22in
813mm 590mm 590 to 559mm

This fridge has an ajustable frame for depth. Remove the 12 frame screws, this will allow the frame to be ajusted in depth.

With this ajusment the door will move forward to minimize depth behind flange. This allows for applications which has depth challanges.

The frame has a 1/2 flange on the left and right side and a 3/16 flange on the bottom with a 1/2 flange on the top.

By removing the 12 frame screws you can change the mounting flange so the top is 3/16 and the bottom is 1/2.

This allows for lower counter height installations.