How to read our model numbers

Example:WRFS 7501 ACDC

W W is for a white frame door and door panel, with out the W it would be our standard black frame, door and door panel .Optional stainless steel door panels available on some models but do not show up on model nomenclature.
R Refrigerator. On single door units, a small freezer compartment is standard.
F Freezer
S Side by Side doors, if it is a U it is an over under or upright doors
75 Cabinet size. rough interior volume in cu.ft. 75 = 7.5 cu.ft. 16 = 1.6 cu.ft.

0 or 1

0 = Standard mounting flange. The doors are beyond the cut out dimensions. (which minimizes required cabinet depth for installations.
1 = Flush mount flange. The doors are flush with the cut out dimensions.
1 to 9

0 = Freezer on the right on two door units, or single door units
1 = Freezer on the left of refrigerator on the right
2 = No freezer compartment. Flat cooling plate for more refrigerator room.
3 = Base is mounted up above the standard position. This is used where you have more depth near the top of the unit than near the bottom of the unit.
4 = Mounting frame has mounting hooks. No screws required.
5 = Special doors that do not take removable panels.
6 = Dual compressor unit (one for refrigerator, one for freezer)
7 = TBA
8 = TBA
9 = Non standard order, special modifications .

ACDC 12 or 24 volt dc and 100 or 240 volt 50/60 Hz ac power. Just put the power to it and it self adjusts to run on the above power.
DC 12 or 24 volt dc no ac power.